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Technically its still November 1st.

Honestly, where did October go?

I know everyone makes jokes like that, but I can not believe how quickly it blew by. And now it's November first.

Currently, I am sitting in my "room" watching Abbey Sharp drinking a glass of wine and defrosting my frozen over mini fridge... it's a lot. I say my "room" because it's my room, but right now it's covered in like 25 ADHD Doom Boxes.

It's a mountain of boxes on my bed, with other things just piled up on top. My Mr. Coffee, the coffee maker is stilling in top of a bag filled with crafting supplies stuffed into a box of old paintings, sitting in a box of I don't know what sitting in a bigger box of...more crafting supplies. And that's just one tiny section of the overall mess.

It's not that I don't want to clean it's more of the fact that there is so much to clean, I don't know where or how to start, so I do random things to make myself feel productive, like defrosting the mini-fridge to be fair, it did need it.

I really want to devote this month to working on myself. I need to live a more organized life, I have too much to do, too many people to see, and just so many goals I want to achieve! So at this point in my life, I just can't let my ADHD control the narrative. It won't be easy, it won't be fun, and I'm sure I will have many breakdowns along the way. But for the sake of my sanity and my future, I have to really dig deep.

I made a spreadsheet for my entire week and planned out a to-do list dump, and structured things I had to get done. So far today has been a kind of success. I studied, I'm writing this blog, I'm cleaning (kinda) and I did a lot of meal prep all while taking care of my niece and nephew practically all day.

I deemed Monday my social media day, and I did slack on that. I filmed a total of one video...and no photos were taken today. It's nearly impossible to do anything productive with two rugrats running around. But tomorrow is a new day, and I can't wait to try again tomorrow.

Now it's the new month, let's talk about some properties today holds and what this month means for you.

November is the month of Empathy and a deeper understanding of universal truths. What is important this month is giving yourself the grace, and empathy you give others. It's a month for Deep shadow work, where you might find it easier to dive into past traumas that are still tender. With that being said, we circle back to the Empathy part of this month. Doing Trauma work is not for the faint of heart, it takes real bravery to dig deep into your past and reopen wounds you thought you healed. So when you are feeling raw, or emotional, give yourself the grace you would give others. You would never tare down your friend for being emotionally raw or sensitive while dealing with past issues, so you can't do it when it's you.

For this month, I pulled a few cards from my Zillich Tarot deck. Admittedly I have a hard time connecting to this deck, it's really the first one I've purchased that I didn't click with right away. So of course it's the deck I'm going to be working with this month to try and get the connection flowing.

For this month the main themes will be:

Eight of Wands Reversed, The Knight of Swords Reversed, and the Knight of Discs Reversed. Yeesh all the reversals today.

The Eight of Wands tells me this month will embody the nature of the flow, energies will be moving in and out throughout this month. But just because energy is moving doesn't mean it's fast, that sentiment is confirmed with the Knight of swords. Wands symbolize passion, embedded by the element of fire. This shows me that passion projects or hobbies will be flowing through you, but be gentle with yourself as you go through the creative process. It might take longer than you expect.

The Knight of Swords Reversed normally knights are fast cards, they move with purpose and motion and intention, especially when it's a Sword. Swords represent the element of Air, the fast of all elements when it comes to manifestation. Those two elements combined make for a swift exchange of energy, It being reversed slows this all the way down. Action, intention, and manifestations are going to be coming but on a slower track this month.

The Knight of Discs, again, Knights are generally fast, but everything about the reading lets me know this month won't go as quickly as October did. Discs are the element of earth and usually only associated with money, but really they represent all things physical. Body, home, Things, Objects anything Tangible is represented by discs. Mixed with the last two cards' energy, I have a feeling that creative projects, including ones you sell for income, will slow down. Don't freight, though, Slow money doesn't mean Low money.

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