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The place is cool as far as spiritual/crystal shops go. It has a large variety of items, although I do think it's a little bit pricey. But this review is actually in regards to a specific psychic practitioner: Mystic Selise. I have had Reiki sessions, tarot card, and other types of psychic readings many times from many different practitioners (even in different states) and never have I felt as much at peace as I did with my experience today with Selise. And that includes from the moment she greeted me and brought me into her room, where I instantly felt more calm. She was obviously very adept at card readings as she was able to get to the heart of my issues very quickly and of course the Reiki session was very relaxing and I feel much lighter after having met with her. And I felt that she was such a good listener, took in everything I said through my upset quick ramblings, and gave me clear direct answers. If you have never been to Enchanted Forest, or if you have ever had a bad experience w a psychic anywhere, but are interested in maybe trying again, I definitely recommend Mystic Selise for your card reading and/or Reiki sessions.

-Liza L.


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