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July Astrology Catch UP!

July is going to be a little bit of an up and down. We are getting a whole new energy shift from the rest of the year so far and its be really needed.

This year has been a lot to say the least! July is going to give us some relief in a way but also its going to be digging deep into our unresolved childhood issues.

The First Quarter Moon happens July 6th brining in the connection of the Sun, Moon and Chiron. This energy can bring you more aware of some internal healing that needs to be done. Most of us will be digging deep and brining up childhood trauma, or issues we thought were delt with a long time again. Unfortunately, trauma loves to hide and jump out right when you are feeling the most tender. So above all this month be gentil with yourself and others.

The Full moon will fall on the 13th of this month, in the sign of Capricorn with the sun in Mercury. This complicated moon + sun pairing can bring some superspies at this time. You may feel a strong need to be active in the community. You can feel lost and overwhelmed overlooking what you need for yourself and from yourself. This can make asking for simple things a harder task causing frication in friend groups, work, or homelife. Work on loving yourself at this time, really focusing on you.

With the world basically on fire, it may feel both helpless and hopeless at times, feeling like you need to be the change but that the fight its already over. Don't give up on yourself or others, focus on what you can do and let others focus on the rest. Forgue a path is unpresented, and it takes time as well as a community so know you aren't alone.

The Last Quarter Moon falls on the 20th. This is an intensely powerful moon. This Same Degree Grand Cross involves the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Haumea all located in the 27th degree of a cardinal sign. You will feel a deep push to being in or around nature. Needing to take of Mother Earth herself and repairing your relationship with her.

The New moon falls on the 28th, landing in Leo. This is the time to feel safe around your people. Being in the spotlight may feel awkward or hard. Remember that Criticism is generally not personal and are moment for us to learn and grow it can be important to accept feedback and use it for improvement.

This is, all in all, quite a month for the transformational change that is the direct result of the difficult and dangerous times that we are currently living through

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