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Our History

Welcome! I'm Selise, I have been a Divination specialist for 18+ years, starting all the way back when I was 13 with Tarot cards I sheepishly picked up at the local book store. 18 years later and I have added a lot of modalities and practices under my belt. I started Teapot&Kettle in 2021 as an online space to share my services and crafts with others and to hopefully pass down my knowledge to young witches and pagans.

Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

Small Business Spot Light

Celtic Sparrow, (Karen)  is one of my favorite people in the world. She is the kindest, warmest and most supportive people you could ever meet. She is my friend, my family, my Spiritual Mentor and advisor, and one hell of a drinking buddy. But not only  to me but to so, so many. Recently, she has embarked on making the most amazing sprays in small batches by hand with her home-grown garden. Please support her by visiting her website and learning more. I promise you will not find a more powerful cleansing spray or a more genuine person. Shop small, Shop local, Shop with your heart.