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What is Teapot & Kettle?

My Great Grandmother Immigrated from Ireland to Canada, There she started a boarding house that eventually turned into a Bed and Breakfast famous for its tea and all of its Accouterments. When my Grandma (Kitty) was growing up, they ran into financial hardship, My Great Grandma told Kitty she had to stop drinking her tea with cream and sugar because they just couldn’t afford it. 

For years, Kitty went without, drinking black tea dry as a bone. That is, until one day she caught my Great Grandmother using both cream and sugar in her tea!

Furious, Kitty vowed to never let anyone tell her how to make her tea ever again. 

This story is/was one of my favorites. This philosophy on tea eventually lead to her refusing to let anyone tell her how to live her life, who she could love, or what she could do.  A good little Irish catholic girl ran away with a Scottish Protestant and joined the war, Eventually ending up in America. Her spirit is one I wish to carry with me always, so in that I picked a name to pay tribute to my American Folk magic upbringings, and my Irish ancestry. A Teapot and a Kettle. 

Today a I am so happy to be able to help people with my many modalities and skills such as Psychic Arts, mystic , numerology, astrology, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master and many more. I like to say I am and Divination Specialist!

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