Tropical Leaves


I was always the kid that would spend their weekend at the bookstore. My mom would drop me off in the morning and wouldn't pick me up until latter that night.  It didn't take too long for me to wonder into the Religion section and find all the Pagan, and Witchy materials. When I was 13 I finally got enough balls to buy a tarot deck. My family were Irish catholic and converted to Christianity when I was around 10. Buying a tarot deck was oh  so sacrilegious. But I fell in love with them, I still have that deck 18 years latter, and it really was the catalyst into my spiritual journey. 


Now a practicing Irish Pagan, a Catholic folk magic user, Divination arts specialist and a Master Reiki practitioner, I really have fully come into my own and feel so at home in my skin and in my life. I hope that I can use my talents to bring some good energy to others.  

Currently, doing sessions out of Enchanted Forest Reiki